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Arugula - Rocket Salat (Roquette) Heirloom Seeds


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This seed is imported from Italy and is the variety known as "Roquette" in Europe. The leaves are tender, rounded, and have a peppery flavor. Seeds can be sown virtually any time of the year but prefer cool weather. Best if harvested at about 35 days.

Arugula is a herbaceous plant found in the wild in the Mediterranean region. Also known as rocket, roquette, rugula, and rucola this herb (lettuce) has a strong, somewhat peppery flavor. Arugula is used in virtually every salad mix sold in stores and is probably the most-eaten salad green in the world. Best when harvested young (leaves less than 4" long) and has excellent re-growth properties. Seeds can be sown directly in the garden or started indoors.

35 Days