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"Epstein's Big Zac" Organic Tomato Seeds- Heirloom- 15+ Seeds- HUGE!!


"Epstein's Big Zac" Organic Tomato Seeds- 15+

Huge tomatoes, huge plants, huge vines, huge leaves! Everything about this variety is BIG, and the flavor is outstanding (unlike other large varieties)!

If you are interested in growing truly giant tomatoes this is the variety to choose. Potato-leaf foliage, clear-skinned fruit, and flowers that are quite different than your average tomato (yes, they are bigger too). 3X and 4X megablooms are common (3-4 attached flowers) which produce triple and quadruple fused fruit.

My largest tomato this year was 2.8 pounds, although I have read about specimens exceeding 7 pounds.

65 days in Ohio, Open-Pollinated, Indeterminate, Beefsteak-type