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A member of the mint family used in sashimi and sushi preparations. Adds a nice pungency to the typical American salad. Add it to rocket and arugula and you really have something special. Also known as Japanese Basil. (The photo shows both Green and Purple Perilla, this listing is for Green. We also sell Purple.)

Use leaves as a spice when cooking fish, rice, pork, or soup. Goes well with ginger.

Medicinal Tea- 1/4 cup dry leaves in 2 cups (16 oz.) boiling water.

Great for containers!

Growing Tips:

Perilla has a reputation as being difficult to germinate primarily due to the fact that the seed goes through a dormant period after harvest. This dormant period can last for one year or more. Our seeds have been aged past the typical dormant cycle and germination tested at 85%.

Perilla seeds are quite hard and thick. You can just seed them in your garden where you want them to grow, but they may take a long time to germinate (3 to 4 weeks). To ensure proper germination freeze them overnight, then soak them in water for 24 hours before sowing.  I then pour them on the soil (or container material), water and all. You can cover them very lightly as they need some light to germinate. You should see germination within a week. Keep them well-watered.

You can also sow Perilla indoors to give them a bit of a head start. I start them using Jiffy pellets, under lights, just like I am starting tomatoes. Again, cover very lightly.

It is very important that the seeds do not dry out!

All seeds were harvested in 2014 for the 2015 season. Germination tested December 2014 at 80%.