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Click on the following links for information on growing your seeds.  If you need additional help we would be happy to assist.  Just ask!

Growing Tips - Tomatoes

Growing Tips - Peppers
Growing Tips - Lettuce
Growing Tips - Herbs
Growing Tips - Broccoli
Growing Tips - Radishes / Carrots / Kale
Growing Tips - Onions
Growing Tips - Swiss Chard
Growing Tips - Asparagus from Seed

Vegetable Seed Storage

Seeds should be stored in a cool, dry place with as little light as possible. Kitchen cupboards are about the last place in the house to store them. Temperatures in cupboards will fluctuate wildly on days when you are using the stove or oven.

A spot in the basement farthest from your furnace and/or water heater is generally best. If you don't have a basement I would recommend a closet on the north side of the house. I have found that a shoe box is about the best storage device made.
Vegetable Seed Viability in Years

Asparagus: 3
Beans & Peas: 3
Beans: 3
Beets: 5
Broccoli: 3
Cabbage: 4-5
Cucumber: 7-10+
Eggplant: 4
Lettuce: 5+
Okra: 3
Onion: 1
Parsley: 1-2
Pepper: 2-3
Radish: 4
Spinach: 1
Tomato: 4-6
Turnip: 4