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Growing Tips

Growing Radishes

Sow radish seed directly in the garden (or containers) four to six weeks before the first frost of the season. Planting depth- ½”. Plant spacing- 2-3”

Growing Carrots

Prior to planting carrot seeds it is important to work the soil deeply, and to remove all rocks and large soil clumps (A sandy mix is preferred). Carrots prefer a sandy, rich soil that is well-drained and do quite well in containers. Sow seeds directly on the soil surface and water immediately. The highest quality carrots are grown when temperatures average between 60°F and 70°F.

Growing Kale

Kale can be grown easily in both containers and the backyard garden. A member of the cabbage family, Kale prefers cool temperatures and will be sweetened by a touch of frost. Optimal soil temperature is 60 - 65 degrees F.

PLEASE NOTE: Hot weather turns kale bitter.

Cover seeds with about ½ inch of soil and don’t allow the seeds to dry out before germinating. This is very important!

Kale plants like to grow in a rich soil, high in organic matter and slightly acidic (5.5 - 6.5 pH). You’re growing it for the foliage so don’t worry about having too rich a soil mix.

Kale can be direct seeded in the garden or started indoors and set out as transplants. Here in Ohio I start seeds indoors in April for transplant in May after last frost. Space plants 12” apart. I also sow outside in August, September, and October for a continuous fall harvest.