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Cuminum cyminum. A member of the umbelliferae family (dill, parsley, caraway) Cumin is native to the eastern Mediterranean region and has been grown as an herb, and dietary supplement, for thousands of years. Cumin is mentioned several times in the Bible, and was used heavily by the Greeks and Romans. Today it is used in Indian, Asian, Mediterranean, and Mexican cuisine. I grow it for use in my Chili recipes, and it doubles as a beautiful garden plant!

Young leaves can be picked and added to salads, or you can allow the plant to flower and produce seeds. The seeds can be used fresh, or dried and ground into a powder.

Known as "Roman Caraway" or "Caraway" in Slavic cultures, although it differs from the Caraway seed we are accustomed to in the US and western Europe.

18"- 36", 100 days, Full Sun. Annual