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Stavros Pepperoncini Greek Pepper Seeds- Organic- 15+


Organic Stavros Greek Pepperoncini Pepper- 15+ Seeds

This is THE Greek Perpperoncini variety- plump and puckered (as pictured). I consider this to be the finest pickling pepper on the market today- I rarely eat a pizza or submarine sandwich without them. Not to be confused with the American strains of pepperoncini peppers. My original seeds came from Bavicchi Seeds of Italy

Stavros is a prolific variety that routinely produces 10 pounds of peppers per plant. I've even had a few plants produce 30 pounds. Love the fact that I start harvesting 4 or 5 weeks after transplanting!

The peppers are mildly hot. I have no reliable Scovile rating for the Stavros, but they are generally milder than Jalapeno.

Open-Pollinated, 45 days from transplant. Please note that these seeds can take 2 weeks to germinate!